The idea of Every Body was inspired by our teenage son, Aaron. Two years ago it came to our attention that Aaron was struggling internally with more than what the average teenage woes are expected to be. "Dad, I'm trans do you still love me?" The emotions we felt were overwhelming not because of his gender identity but because of the immense pain our child was going through. To hear the words "do you still love me" from your child was crippling, and honestly hard put into words. We felt lost and stripped of any power we took for granted as parents. The fact that he even entertained the thought that we wouldn't love and accept him for who he truly is was heart breaking. Through the process of learning about the new him (Aaron) we realized we were facing many obstacles. Baby steps we told ourselves, so where do we begin? Shopping was the first thing that came to mind to help Aaron start his transition. Shopping seems simple, right? Wrong. Close your eyes and picture yourself going into a store where nothing is designed to fit your body type. Too big, too small, too long, too short, uncomfortable, no help, no options and NO WAY TO EXPRESS YOURSELF.

Now imagine you're transgender. To get down to the nitty gritty transgender people, specifically trans teens, struggle with the fit of clothing. They are battling a body that doesn't match their gender identity. In case you didn't know there are at least 1.4 million transgender people across the United States. Out of that 1.4 million,  150,000 are transitioning youth ages 13-17. These are just estimated numbers- imagine how many more people are unreported. So, we have all of these teens going through transition, yet they have no place to shop to find clothes that genuinely fit them.  


Through our love for these kids we will provide a place where the clothing is inclusive, youthful, and designed to evoke self expression.

Every Body = A  safe comfortable space for transgender teens to shop freely.  

Every Body = A specialized size chart and in house tailoring to cater to individual needs.

Every Body = A one stop shop that will provide necessary accessories and specifically tailored clothing to fit the unique body types of transitioning teens.

In order to make a change in this community we need your support. Your donations will be going towards helping us build Every Body from the ground up; materials, proper equipment, rental space, clothing production, and a carefully hand picked team that shares our vision.  

"Our mission is to inspire change for an equal future."